Get to know our next influencer a little better Fort Knox 

We here at ‪#‎theinfluencerspresent‬ are very proud to have David Freeman Jr. as our next influencer. He is your favorite host filled with much needed positive energy. You know it’s going to be a good time if fort knox is around. Come out this thursday and enjoy the evening with us at Studio No. 7 | Bar + Lounge and celebrate ‪#‎atlanta‬

SUPER excited to announce a major upgrade to ‪#‎TheInfluencers‬ brand. We have a NEW LOCATION at Studio No. 7 | Bar + Lounge right down the street from GA state. And breaking the ice at this location will be our next‪#‎Influencer‬Quianah Upton. She’s the owner of Arbitrary Living and she’s closed out this Summer with a bang! We were ALL at her Living in Color art show, and then she came right back with the Raury listening party. She’s done so much for us, so let’s do something for her and celebrate Quianna, this Thursday, at 10pm at Studio no. 7! Check to see the new digs!

get to know our next influencer a bit better with Will Edmond 

We are very proud to have farmer, creative consultant, and chef when he’s in the mood Will Edmond as our next influencer. Will is currently working with one music fest and gearing up for that event as well as withWERC Crew His client list is constantly growing and I would suggest you come out on Thursday August 7th at 10pm at the Edgewood Speakeasy to get a chance to meet Will.

Get to know our next influencer a bit better 

I’m really proud to announce our next ‪#‎Influencer‬Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics! They’re an amazing band that have been shaping the sound of live music in Atlanta for years! Their accolades are too many name and the recognition as Influencers are long over due. Join us at the Edgewood Speakeasy, this Thursday, July 17th to celebrate Atlanta’s finest!

— withRuby Velle.

The Influencers Present: The Factory Girls

Get to know our next influencers a bit better 

A little information about what the Factory Girls do. 

The Influencers are proud to present our next featured guests, TheFactory Girls! They are a self-made, fashion incubator, with the mission to bring industry and production to the city of Atlanta. You may not know, but fashion is more than clothes. It encompasses design, illustration, marketing, manufacturing, photography music and video! So if you’re in any of these creative fields and or just want to meet the women that will change the face of fashion in Atlanta as we know it; Come out this Thursday to the Edgewood Speakeasy to meet and greet the Factory Girls! The sounds will be provided by Dj 100k and the night will be hosted by Sean Fahie. See you there!

— with Rosa Thurnher and Regina Kim Weir.

Vek Neal is the type of #influencer who makes his own promo videos. 

Photographer, Designer, Videographer, and Artist. Vek Neal is a sleeping gaint of talent nestled in the great city of Atlanta. If you have ever been involved in any of his photography projects, short films, or conceptual projects then you understand veks skill, talents, and execution as well as we do. From working with clients such as Keyshia Cole to Kelly Clarkson, Vek utilizes his talent for design and photography to weave amazing projects that can only be considered works of art. To see more of his work please visit
So come out this thursday June 19th, 2014 at edgewood Speakeasy and celebrate with us as we celebrate Atlanta. As always this event is free and cost you nothing but a good time.

The Influencers Present: Michi Meko


Philosopher, Fisherman, Farmer, Fine Artist. Michi Meko is the kind of artist that wears many hats and excels in all his fields. From graffiti to the canvas, his work can be seen on the walls of Atlanta or in the galleries of museums. He is a drinker of fine whiskey, and an all around cool guy. One of the og’s of the Atlanta art scene and we are very proud to have him as our next influencer. Please come out this Thursday June 5th, 2014 at Speakeasy on Edgewood to celebrate with us our second season, and our first influencer for this season Michi Meko

To see his work and why we are celebrating with this gentleman, please visit.

As always this event is free, and cost you nothing but time.

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