Get to know our next influencer a bit better. @CreativeLoafingAtlanta 

I don’t even know what to write about this. We here at The Influencers are proud and extremely excited to present to you our next influencer Creative Loafing Atlanta. This company is as Atlanta as you possible can get. And they pretty much are the mainstay of what is going on in this city. You literally can find out about the best art shows, music events, random stories, and food happenings through this publication. A very special thanks to Debbie Michaud Bergeron Chad Radford and Gavin Godfrey for representing for Creative Loafing, allowing us to interview the interviewers, and being a part of the event. If you are to busy to read printed material, check out their site at I really don’t know what more I can say besides come out Thursday April 17th, 2014 at Edgewood Speakeasy starting at 10pm and as always this event is free. Bring your dance shoes and lets celebrate Atlanta.

Our next Influencer can easily be said to be one of the Atlanta art scene stables. As former gallery manager at MINT gallery and an accomplished artist himself, Mike Germon (ARTIST) has been to more art shows in one night than most go to in 3 months. Mike works in the medium of collage and installations and draws from the visual elements of religious and scientific source materials. To see some of his work visit his site. ( Mike is currently working on a new book which will feature his new works and will be accompanied by short stories and possibly poems by a few contributing writers. Expect to see the kickstarter for that and more of his work in the months to come.

Come out this Thursday April 3rd, 2014 to Speakeasy on Edgewood starting at 10 and celebrate Atlanta. As always this event is free and a great way to meet some of the people who help to shape and make Atlanta. And if nothing else there is always some good music to vibe too.

This is our first radio interview and I’m so amped on this. Get to know our next influencer a little better 

With her debut project Origins STILL making waves on the internet, our next Influencer, India Shawn is coming right back with a new project: Outer Limits. In between time, she has dropped a song on Solange KnowlesSaint Heron project and wrote songs for Chris BrownKeri Hilson andAshanti to name a few. In addition to this; She is working closely with music producer Hit Boy (from Niggaz in Paris and Bow Down fame) and Grammy Award winning writer, James Fauntleroy (Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rihanna…). With company like this, India is more than next up, she is just about there and we are proud to have her as our next Influencer! 

Get to know our next influencer a little better Jabari Graham 

We are excited to present to you this week Jabari Graham. If you have had the pleasure of going to Arts Beats and Lyrics then you have this young man to thank. As half of the founding team of the traveling art exhibition, he takes his entrepreneurial spirit and combines it with his love for the arts and music giving the audience a visual and auditory experience that is amazingly executed. And as if that wasn’t enough Jabari kicked off the year by starting an online radio ( that continues to explore his love for good music, good people, and great art. Jabari is in the forefront of helping to get the people that should be seen or heard out into the world. Come out and celebrate this Thursday March 6,2014 at Edgewood Speakeasy for a great experience and a reason the enjoy Atlanta.  

The Influencers Present…Miloh Smith

It was almost a year ago, when our next Influencer, dropped a bomb on the musical world with her debut, Suite 404. After receiving a plethora of positive reviews and performing across the country (including SXSW); She is back with her newest release, Pulp Fiction. We are proud to have this soulful songstress and skilled lyrcist as our featured guest, this Thursday for The Influencers Present… Atlanta, come out and get to know one of the city’s brightest stars… Miloh Smith!

Get to know our next influencer a litttle better Nikita Gale

We are very proud to present to you photographer and conceptual artistNikita Gale as our next influencer. She has been taking the art world by storm with show after show. Her work is not just conceptually strong and well executed, but an experience that can be insightful, thought provoking, and at times makes you have to chuckle a bit at the human condition. Please take some time to check out her work at and come out and celebrate with us this Thursday Feb.6th at edgewood Speakeasy at 10pm. As always this is free. Come out and celebrate atlanta with us.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Ok, so we are a couple of day after the fact. But whatever. We are glad to be back for another year and even happier to present to you our next and first influencer for the year If you haven’t please, A multimedia platform for all things dope in Atlanta and beyond. Corey Davis and Aaron Ware started this website as an outlet for creativity and watched it grow into a hub for viewers to enjoy music, art, and great interviews. Purveyors of the Atlanta Indie Fest, musicians in their rap duo Mach 5, and artist in their own right. They have been pushing the Atlanta art and music scene through documentaries and events that a well worth coming out to and enjoy. Come out o thursday 01.16.2014 at 10pm and celebrate Atlanta. As always, it’s free to meet some one you haven’t before.

Come out tonight and celebrate Atlanta 

Get to know our next influencera little better Marian Mereba